The Hlahol Building - a Jewel of Prague´s Art Nouveau 

    The building of Prague Hlahol was built in 1905 for choir rehearsals. It was financed solely from donations made by members and supporters of the choir. The architects, Schaffer and Fanta, were responsible for the planning and decoration; the interior of the Great Hall was complemented in 1921 by the last great work of Alfons Mucha - a lunette entitled "The Song".

     Architectonically, the building is considered to be one of the finest Art Nouveau monuments of its kind. The front façade, overlooking the embankment, is embellished by two large mosaics and a magnificent carved door; the renovated rear façade bears a large inscription in gold - HLAHOL.

     Due to its historical and cultural value and original decorations (including the busts of the conductors and its furnishings), the building of the Hlahol Association for Choral Singing in Prague was declared a national cultural monument.

     The rooms of the Hlahol building often host many cultural and social events, especially the Cycle of Wednesday Concerts, offering a venue mainly to young aspiring artists as well as to successful musical ensembles well-established on the Prague music scene.